Love for mountains


                     My Love for the mountains ...
             Whoever visits the Himalayas, can not resist the desire to return. Staying in these mountains gives person more than just look at the amazing mountain ranges. This trek to the highest mountains of the world compels one to think deeply over himself, over the meaning of life in today's hectic times and desire for money and property. After all, we need so little to live.
 Think and accept it ! But not everyone is able to prove it ... 
             We wondered, where to go to the mountains this year. Ideas were plenty, but we almost always slipped back to the majestic and divine Himalayas. Already on the grounds that all people must go there on foot and not by car or cable car.
                 Return to the highest mountains
            So we go on a six-week expedition trip to Nepal on 10 September 2011. Monsoon slowly ends and it is a pre-season period, when all lodges are empty. The journey up will take us almost 10 days. We need more time to good acclimatization. Just the "weather" we can not influence. And so we hope that the sky will be clear few days  and we see again our known giants and local roof of "The World". We look forward to meeting with our famous Sherpas.

            We have planned our route in advance. We intend to go through three mountain saddle: Kongma La, Cho La and Renjo La Pass. When the weather will bad, we change the route.


Foto: Treking v NP Sagarmatha, Nepál 










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