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           My name is Helena Bílková. I live in Prague. I am obsessed with traveling to new countries and knowing them. I love hiking and photography, discovering new horizons, experiencing new adventures. This is my drug. You know. Whoever starts, never stops. People want to change the stereotype of daily time for something new, yet unknown and  would like traveled far away to " another World "  than live here in the hurried Europe.  

I ´m a nature lover. Everyone should live in harmony with nature and not to be so dependent on  his property and today´s conveniences, that make us tired and tied. I personally live for the future, I´m preparing new plans, new journeys. I have to have before me  a certain aim, which is for me  engine and propels me constantly forward ! 

        Photography is my other hobby. I take pictures everything, but most of all nature. So I want to show you the beauty of nature as I see it at the moment with my own eyes on the most beautiful places of our planet.


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My Photography Equipment:

  Canon EOS 60 D 
      Tokina AT- X 116 PRO DX   11 - 16 mm  f / 2.8   ASPH 
      Canon Macro  EF 100 mm f / 2.8  USM
      Canon EF - S 17 - 85 mm  f 4 - 5,6  IS  USM

   Panasonic Lumix  G 6
       G  VARIO 14-45 ASPH Mega O.I.S
       G VARIO 45-175 ASPH  Mega O.I.S

   Panasonic HD VIDEO CAMERA - HC - V 700




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